Upcoming Conferences

6th Annual HIA Convention

        The sixth annual Hemp Industries Association Convention will be held in Ontario, Canada September 23 - 26, 1999 and is open to members and their guests only. There’s never been a better time to learn about the hemp industry, display your products, uncover business opportunities in hemp to belong to the Hemp Industries Association! The HIA is the world’s largest hemp trade association.......since 1992.
        The sixth annual convention of the HIA will be held in Canada for the first time. Nestled in the Niagara Escarpment, beside the Bruce Trail, the hemp industry will be meeting this fall at an Eco Retreat near Toronto.
        Join the HIA and receive:
        - Lead Lists: Everyone who contacts the HIA looking to buy, sell, publicize or anything else is sent out to you once a month.
        - News: All members receive current news via the monthly newsletter and constant e-mail updates.
        - HIA logo: Use the HIA logo on your goods or store to show you support the industry’s association.
        - Make friends and business acquaintances around the world.
        There’s never been a better time to join us: Member-ship in the HIA and Convention registration will be offered at a special rate to Canadians this year!
        This year’s HIA Convention highlights will include:
        - Tour a licensed hemp operation
        - New Hemp Materials & Products
        - Workshops & Committee & Council Meetings
        - North American Hemp Industry Presenters
        - World Hemp News Updates
        - Announcement of HIA Board and Executive Election results for 2000 AD
        -Guided spice and herb discovery walks in the woods
        -On location Massage Center & Sweat Lodge sessions
        - Hemp Cuisine using fresh Canadian seed and oil and of course, all your old and new friends and a great shmooze!
        We have lots to be proud of in Canada - let’s get together in the fall and show it off. Bring your ideas, products and pictures of your crop.
        Canadians who would like to join the HIA in order to attend this event, please contact: Jason Freeman at (604) 255-7979, e-mail: "jfreeman@ssm.net". For full details on convention registration and travel guides, please contact: the HIA at Phone: (797) 874-3648, Fax: (707) 874-1104.
        See you in the Fall!
        HIA Convention Coordinators:
        Ruth Shamai (The Natural Order and R&D Hemp)
        Larry Duprey (The Hemp Club/Chanvre en Ville)
        Contact the HIA office for registration forms and more
        Candi Penn, HIA Secretary
        Hemp Industries Association
        PO Box 1080
        Occidental, CA 95465
        Tel: +1 (707) 874 3648 Fax: +1 (707) 874 1104
        E-mail: info@thehia.org
        Websites: http://thehia.org & http://hempstores.com

"Cannabis - a Plant with Many Facets"

        A symposium entitled "Cannabis - a Plant with Many Facets" will be held on September 29, 1999 from 3 to 7 p.m., at the Technical School in Munster, Germany. The program is organized by the Medical Association of Westphalia-Lippe, akzept, INDRO and Professor Dr. D. Kleiber of Berlin.
        The program includes the following presentations.
        Dr. F. Nolte, Bremen: Cannabis as a Phenomenon of Youth Culture
        W. Neskovich, Luebeck: About the Misery of Drug Policy - the Right of Intoxication
        Dr. A. Breiing, Munster: Cannabis and Alcohol - A Slightly Different View
        Dr. M. Schnelle, Berlin: Cannabis as Medicine
        For further information contact Dr. Wolfgang Schneider, INDRO, E-mail: indro@muenster.net

Patients Out of Time

        Patients Out of Time takes great pleasure in announcing a new beginning in medical education. This national non-profit, which represents the rights of patients and their caregivers in the struggle for medical marijuana, has joined with the College of Nursing and the College of Medicine at the University of Iowa in hosting The First National Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics. This pioneering educational forum will be held at the University of Iowa on April 7 & 8, 2000. It will feature experts in the clinical use of Cannabis as well as six of the eight patients (two wish to remain anonymous) in the United States who receive their medical Cannabis from the federal government. Mary Lynn Mathre RN, MSN, CARN, editor of the acclaimed and recently published Cannabis in Medical Practice, said that "This conference will provide clinicians with the essential information regarding the medical use of Cannabis to enable them to prescribe it appropriately and with confidence."
        Patients Out Of Time may be contacted at Patients@MedicalCannabis.com or +1 (804) 263-4484.

HIA Annual Convention, September 23-26th

        The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) will be having their 6th Annual Convention, on September 23-26th, 1999, outside of Toronto, Ontario. This members and their guests only event will be hosted by Larry Duprey of The Hemp Club/Chanvre en Ville of Montreal and Ruth Shamai of The Natural Order and R&D Hemp of Toronto. Conference Highlights will include North American Hemp Industry Presenters, Workshops, World Hemp News Update, New Hemp Products, tour of a licensed hemp operation, announcement of the HIA Board and Executive Election results for 2000, delicious hemp cuisine featuring fresh Canadian seed and oil, and much more. Truly a great schmooze.
        Canadians who would like to join the HIA in order to attend this event, please contact: Jason Freeman at (604) 255-7979, e-mail: "jfreeman@ssm.net". For full details on convention registration and travel guides, please contact: the HIA at Phone: (797) 874-3648, Fax: (707) 874-1104.

NAIHC 5th Annual Conference,
November 4th-7th

        This 5th annual meeting and international conference of the North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC) is an opportunity to learn more about annual industrial fibre crops and to interact with agricultural and industrial experts. We will exchange ideas, discuss opportunities, and explore the economic potential of industrial hemp for farmers and industry. The conference will allow farmers, researchers, industry, environmentalists, and public policy makers to form educational networks to advance industrial hemp as a renewable agricultural fibre.
        The tentative agenda for the conference includes: country overviews, fibre uses, processing technologies, the expanding fibre shortages, role of hemp in sustainable agriculture, new market development, the carbohydrate economy, Canada's 1999 industrial hemp crop, and a report on NAIHC's petition to the DEA. A trade show will complement the conference; space is limited. A membership business meeting will precede the conference on Thursday, November 4th from 3-5 p.m.

        For more information, contact: NAIHC - Theresa, PO Box 259329, Madison, Wisconsin 53725-9329. Ph: 608-224-5137, Fax: 608-224-5111